Suitable for real estate, prints and more




We tailor to suit. We don't believe in a set amount of images. We will capture until we (that includes you) are happy with the content created. With fast turnaround times and affordability in mind, this is ideal for real estate agents or property managers/Landlords.

*Turnaround time is within 24 hours unless otherwise stated.



  • Pre-shoot talk. - How to get the house looking at it's best.
  • Photography, Film or both.
  • Fast Turnaround - Delivery in your inbox within 24 hours.*
  • Affordable, reliable and commited to excellence.

Unlock the maximum potential from your business




 Using a variety of cloud based drone mapping solutions we can help elevate your business or provide detailed reports of 3-D models, Elevation maps and orthophotos (Detailed satellite-like images). 

We can help with insurance claims, roofing inspections, construction time-lapse and more.

Get in touch today to see how we can help.




  • Fast turnaround.
  • Safety and Performance. Our drones are equipped with dual IMU, compass and can operate in different frequencies. 
  • Full autonomy.
  • Affordability - no need for expensive helicopter hire.

Sports, weddings, festivals and more.




Whether it's your local sports game or a 10,000 strong festival, we can make the day hassle free. Hoverfly collaborates with some of the best photographers in the country to bring you the best in event photography/film and social media content.



We offer

  • Fast Turnaround.
  • experienced and affordable event photography/film solutions.
  • Cloud based data transfer for quick delivery of content. Upload your photos to popular social sites within minutes.
  • All permits for shooting in public areas are obtained by us - meaning less work for you.